Founded in 2014 by Frédéric Darmagnac, this subsidiary is 60% owned by FDI Company in Paris and 40% by MCD Company in Marseille.

The founder started it out working in Finance in the United-States, after this experience he moved to NOBLE GROUP. For this Asian Trading house he worked as a freight trader in Switzerland then in Asia. BRUCE TRADE Company is now characterized by this efficiency in the suply chain but also by the close follow up on the markets.


BRUCE TRADE is a trading house operating on commodities and semi-finished industrial edibles.
We are dealing with a regular panel of clients, mostly based in Africa; we distribute our own brand and the exclusive representation of others.

As for the freight market, BRUCE TRADE is operating the sourcing with both brokers for the
commodities and direct producers with their very original producing countries. We are the central link between the distributors and producers from several countries. We act with a « middle man » position as principal, meaning we directly buy the goods and own those until they are resold. The goods are transported and shipped in full containers from the production area to their final destination where discharged and consumed.


We are engaged toward our customers to fulfil different missions :

- Inform and advise our customers about the market trends
- Guarantee an optimum and controlled logistic chain, from the production site until the port of discharge.
- Meet our customer’s requirements by offering competitive prices to build close relationships
- Adapt with the constant market evolutions, by always diversifying our products range
- Elaborate currency markets follow ups and understanding, to correctly hedge on the foreign exchange market.


The market is moving fast and especially the African’s. We must closely follow up our distributors in order to understand their local economic & political situation, seasoning of the goods consumptions and the market stocks situation.

To remain attractive, offering new products is essential, that is why we continually work and seek to enlarge our product range.